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DotA2 Return to the Pit Record

Back to the Game#

Before the May Day holiday this year, I played Don't Starve together with my classmates. After our base was destroyed several times by the Deerclops, we gave up and stopped playing. My classmates recommended that we play DotA 2 together, so I returned to the game. The version I returned to was 7.33b.

I remember playing DotA when I was young. At first, I played Chenghai 3C and Ninja Village Battle. Later, my cousin suddenly told me about a popular game, which was my first encounter with DotA. I saw him playing as Axe, and that's why I started liking this hero.

In 2014, I also played DotA 2 for a while, but I didn't understand it well and played poorly (still do).


Money can't buy happiness.

When I first started playing, I only knew that I could trade cosmetics on BUFF and the Steam Market. Later, I learned about the Treasure of the Benefactor. However, there is a bigger pitfall with the Treasure of the Benefactor because once you purchase it, you can't sell it anymore.

Recently, I have bought many Treasures of the Benefactor on Taobao, Xiaohuangyu, and NGA. I have also bought a lot of cosmetics on BUFF. It's important to note that Treasures of the Benefactor are usually one-time use, meaning they cannot be sold or gifted after purchase.




This is how I understand the roles:

Position 1 is mainly focused on late-game power, so try to farm as much as possible in the early game (safelane).

Position 2 needs to set the pace in the early and mid game and provide support (midlane).

Position 3 is mainly responsible for pressuring the enemy's position 1 and needs to have strong resilience. They should also buy team-oriented items (offlane).

Position 4 usually works together with position 3 to pressure the enemy's position 1. Occasionally, they may go to the midlane to control runes and help the midlaner. They should also buy team-oriented items (offlane).

Position 5 is a pure support role, helping position 1 with pulling and defending against the aggression of the enemy positions 3 and 4. They should buy supplies and provide vision.

I remember that there used to be a jungle position where players would start in the jungle and then support the lanes. There was also something called "3-2-2," but it's rarely seen now.

Ranked Matches#

Now, you need to play for at least 100 hours in ranked matches before you can play. The ranking system has also been quantified into divisions, such as Vanguard, Guardian, and Middle Army. I reached the Middle Army division playing as Axe in the offlane.



Next, I plan to play as Juggernaut in the safelane.

Records from 8 years ago


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